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The effects of the FISA bill and Bush’s warrant-less spy program are starting to show. Below is an article taken from Democracynow.org on 29.7.08 which states that applicants for the Justice Department had their Internet search querys discovered and used against them. If the applicant had searched for certain items they were disqualified, items including “abortion”, “guns”, “Florida recount” and “Homosexual”.

This is another case of our freedoms being destroyed. Now, what you search for on the internet is no longer private information and without a warrant can be discovered and then used against you. Now, we must take care as to what we search for on the internet, for it can be used for discrimination.

The constitution was written not to impower the people but instead to limit the government. Our government has outsteped these boundries and is now begining to exercise its new found abilities to remake itself, to censor its people, and rule in favor of expansion.  So waive goodbye to our first and fourth amendment rights because there’s no better way to censor the public then by restricting what they can know.

This text was taken from Democracynow.org, I did not write it and only wish to share it:

An internal probe has found top Justice Department officials practiced routine political discrimination in hiring for top positions. Applicants were disqualified for everything from links to Democratic Party politics and rumors of being gay or lesbian. Less-experienced Republicans were given priority, including one lawyer who drew raves for his position on “god, guns and gays.” The report focuses on the conduct of senior aides to former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, including former top adviser Monica Goodling and former chief of staff Kyle Sampson. The officials relied on a White House internet search technique to vet the political views of potential employees. The aides searched for the applicants’ names, along with such key words as “abortion”, “homosexual”, “Florida recount” and “guns.”


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This is in response to the youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE06O7lZuPo
Ralph Nader Interview by CSPAN

I recommend everyone to listen to what Ralph Nader has to say. His plans are more effective and progressive than any other candidate. When you look at the options available for such problems as the war in Iraq, Health Care, and the Israel/Palestine conflict, Ralph Nader has superior ideas. His plans begin with subjecting the corporations to the rule of law, demanding that they raise their standards, and removing their constitutional personhood, thus returning the power back to the American people.

On the war in Iraq, do you think that Iraq would be able to use its authority and establish an economy that could support its people if it didn’t have access to the oil in their country? Why are we occupying a territory and forcing its people to give us access to their natural resources? We should take the resources away from these corporations (Exxon, Shell, etc. Who by law have no allegiance to our country our any country) and place them back in the hands of the Iraqi people. Why do you think that there is so much violence in Iraq and furthermore why do you think Al Qaeda’s presence in Iraq grows stronger with each new day, simply because we are stealing from these people. Watch this video and hear what Nader has to say about Iraq; he can have us out in 6 months.

On health care, why are we not arguing for a single payer system? Why after all these years are we now pushing for a universal health care system? We are starting to move to a universal health care system because the corporations are finding it more expensive to manufacture their products here in the US than in other countries due to the high price of health care. So now we have the possibility of getting health care because the corporations see it profitable to do so. So here we are arguing over a broken health care system that is built to make money and not to help the people and the idea of a single payer system is completely off the table. Listen to Nader, he is calling for a single payer system and he has a plan to pay for it.

Concerning the energy crisis and the high price of oil, which we would normally see these as two problems, the ladder can be seen as a solution to the former. The rest of the western world is using this time, where oil is the highest price it has ever been, to invest the surplus of money that is accruing into new energies. Why are we not doing that? As Nader says, we’d have a lot of solar energy if Exxon owned the sun. When you compare the governments of other western countries to our own, we find that they have more social intervention into the market. When you look at the housing crisis and the bailing out of these big corporations (i.e. Fannie Mac and so on) you see that we are naturally moving to a more socialized state, like Germany’s government for instance.

Barack Obama has, like most politicians, told us one thing and did another. Just look at the FISA bill. As a democratic candidate, Obama is the best choice and when you compare him to the republican candidate, McCain, he would definitely make the better president. But why should we settle for the best of the worst? Why should we settle for another corporate candidate, especially when we don’t have to. Let’s get organized. Let’s elect someone for real change, who is not apart of this two party system that has been destroying our democracy.


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