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I recognize the importance of distinguishing between conspiracy theory and a reliable source. I can only hope that our own Congress is a reliable source in the matters of what our executive branch says and does. I refuse to believe any other instance, though there are many.

That being said, thus far I have found two reliable instances where the Bush Administration has threated Martial Law. I write this blog to show and express these two instances. The first instance below was reported by Rep. Brad Sherman who was speaking about the Wall Street bailout bill. The second was reported by Rep. John Olver in regards to impeaching President Bush. In both cases Martial Law was threatened if Congress did not obey the executive’s orders. I implore you to watch the videos and see for yourself.

Either the Bailout or Martial Law:

If Impeachment then Martial Law:
( a letter from Rep. Olver to Independent Candidate Ralph Nader)

Never before has a President held such sway over Congress.

If you want to know more about how serious this is then I suggest you don’t take my word for it and watch this interview with author Naomi Wolf where she speaks about the events that lead up to this moment and what we the people can do about it now. (special thanks to The Pathogen for sending me the link to the video below)


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Despite our phone calls, emails and letters, and despite the fact that most of them are up for reelection next year, the House passed the bailout of Wall Street totaling $850 Billion. If you are not enraged, then you should be. We still haven’t heard where this money is going to come from, could be Russia, could be China, it could be outright issued by  the FED; none of these are good options.

Remember what our founding father, Ben Franklin, said about debt in regards to war, “you’ll get the bill after the war is over.” That being said, we still haven’t received the bill for the $3 Trillion criminal war that King George II got us into. As Nobel Laureate Stiglitz expressed on Democracy Now! yesterday “the Fed engineered a bubble … the housing bubble facilitated people taking money out of their mortgages; … in one year, there were more than $900 billion of mortgage equity withdrawals. And so, we had a consumption boom that was so strong that even though we were spending so much money abroad, we could keep the economy going.”  Thus our plan to pay for the expenses during the war has failed and resulted in $850 Billion in losses, meanwhile the war which is the reason for this crisis has yet to be paid. [ Of course we are still there and it costs $12 Billion a month. And no matter whether it’s Obama or McCain in January, we’re not leaving anytime soon.]

While watching the House give their speeches about whether they favored the Senate’s changes to the bill, I noticed that a lot of them spoke as though this would be their last vote. Some of their term limits have expired, while quite possibly, some of them may have believed that they wouldn’t be voted into Congress again.

When I look at the rationality behind voting for this terrible piece of legislation, I think about the telecom immunity bill that was passed earlier this year. The Bush administration told them to spy and the Bush administration decreed that the corporations shouldn’t be held accountable for their decisions. Congress went along with it and passed the immunity bill. I’m convinced that the same thing has happened here,  the opinion of Congress was that it was the government who created this housing bubble, thus it should be the government who takes the fall. Wall Street was only operating under the framework set forth by the government.

Regardless whether my sentiments are correct, this is what Congress’s vote means: we the people are taking the responsibility for the failures on Wall Street. Our government set it up. Wall Street obeyed. Knowingly Paulson playing the role of the double agent in this game, Chairman of Goldman Sacs and Secretary of the Treasury, knew how it all would end. Thus this bailout was planned. Does it surprise you that it arrives on the last day before congress adjourns for the 2008 elections?

What we have is a case of the greater evil bailing lout out the lesser evil and the people suffer as a result. We needed that bill to fail and these crooks along with it. That is a reminiscent of the 2008 Election, where many voters are suckered into voting for the lesser of two evils; or as presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin said “the evil of two lessers.” The four 3rd party presidential candidates ( that are capable of winning the election) were aligned with the majority of Americans and against this bailout from the start.  Independent candidate Ralph Nader asked the most important question, “Is a bailout even needed?” But we don’t hear their voices on the debates now do we?

Opposition was nullified.  A debate wasn’t wanted. The bill has passed. Now Congress is adjourned.

As a Side Note:

We need to get these debates open. We need to get the people’s voices heard. The door keeps slamming on us, when will we kick it down?
Here is what we can do: Go to ThirdPartyTicket.com and pledge your support. We need to get a lot of support for this video (and others like it) on YouTube.com: http://breakthematrix.com/BreakTheMatrix/Why-not-include-them

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My fellow Americans,

This election year is one of the most important in history. We have 2 wars that are costing us trillions, warrant-less spying powers granted to our executive branch, and an economy in turmoil. The housing bubble has burst and its devastation is starting to take effect. Our government wants to take $700 billion of debt (on top of the $900 billion we’ve spent thus far) and absorb it, putting those bad loans on the backs of us: the people, the taxpayers. When we add up all the problems, systemic torture, wars of aggression, over 3 trillion dollars of debt, increasing foreclosures and our constitution being ignored and trampled upon, it gets to be so much that we are overwhelmed. Finally though, we arrive to two questions: What can we do about all these issues?  Will anything we do even matter?

I will handle the latter question first as it is the most pressing. (If not the most pressing question in all of existence) It may be true that there are over 300 million people in our country and counting, but we are by-no-means thereby meaningless. We can argue till our bodies no longer hold life whether human life holds meaning or not, though in the end we will never achieve any lucidity. This is because truth is purely subjective. What I mean to say is this: there are certain choices in life that need to be made despite a lack of evidence. We call this believing. To elaborate my point and show how it provides clarity over the answer to our question, I will call upon the question of God. There is no evidence that God exists and thus no evidence that he doesn’t, hitherto whether we believe in God or not, we still believe. The same is to be said about whether human life has any meaning: there is no evidence for either side of the argument; we are forced to believe. Reminiscent to Socratic dialog, it is up to the individual whether life holds any meaning. To this I say: if you are inevitably going to believe, then believe in yourself.

Let us assume that our lives hold meaning. Now we are brought to the former question: what can we do? I say: inform yourself by reading the news and watching the only good news program in the States: Democracy Now. Additionally, I urge everyone to think for themselves this election year and see beyond the two parties that control our socio-political lives. Speak to people. Inform others. Use the internet for activism. Share your ideas. Assemble. Take to the streets.

Speaking more plainly, we can also do this: call Congress’ main switchboard number at 202.224.3121. Ask for your member of Congress. If the main switchboard number is jammed, you can Google your member’s name and find a direct dial phone number. Tell the person who answers the phone to please take a message for your elected representative. Tell them to vote no on the bailout.

If you are convinced that the political sphere has no affect on your life, then understand this: we are a joke in the eyes of the rest of the world because of our lack of engagement in politics and our ignorance of the news. And I’m not just talking about Germany but all of Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. I encounter people from all over this world on a regular basis and I often hear their complaints. The few people that remain and become my friends always ask me, why aren’t Americans more organized; why do we allow our government to play us for fools? I tell them of country torn apart and confused. I tell them of 48 states that span 3,000 miles of land; of states that are the size of their entire country. I tell them of media system that keeps people in dark, till the truth is so far from them that they don’t even bother with looking for it anymore. I speak of two parties that dominate our political sphere and the corporate greed that in turn dominates them. I speak of a country where the power of the consumer has replaced the power of the citizen.  Where a simulacrum is preferred to the reality; where ignorance is preferred to awareness.

Question all Coercion,

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