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Finally for the first time Ralph Nader will be on a presidential debate. Although he is not debating John McCain or Barack Obama, he is still debating. Chuck Baldwin will be an excellent opponent. Ron Paul recommend that his supporters abandon the mainstream candidates and instead support a 3rd party, to which he recommended Baldwin of the Constitution party.  Tune in tonight live at 9pm EST to see them compete for the 3rd party vote. It will defiantly be more inspiring then those parallel interviews from McObama.

http://www.cspan.org/ has it live


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Independent Presidential Candidate, Ralph Nader, was interviewed on PBS NewsHour today. I wanted to post a link to the mp3, so that it would be easier to find. (it took a bit of searching to come up with it.)

Listen to the Nader’s PBS interview October 18th 2008

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Independent President candidate, Ralph Nader, wrote a letter today asking the debate commission if they would allow him to at least be in the audience and access the press and offer his responses to the questions that will be asked. The Commission on Presidential Debates is a corrupt and biased establishment that is owned and operated by the Democratic and Republican parties and has consistently raised the poll requirement used to qualify for a spot on the debate. Furthermore, the poll that the commission has used in the past, Gallup, doesn’t include Ralph Nader or any of the other third parties in their questions, instead they choose to generalize and just ask whether the person is going to vote for someone else.

What is the media’s logical argument for blacking out the third parties from any major coverage? Could it be that their motives are monetary? Could it be because the third parties candidates are publicly against corporations? If this is true then the public broadcasting would offer air time, but they don’t. Could it be that the public air waves are biased as well? I urge you all to ask yourselves these questions.

When we retire our opposition and accept the Democratic and Republican candidates, we are effectively destroying our democracy. These smaller voices that come from the third party candidates speak on behalf of the majority of Americans. They are asking for single payer health care, an end to the wars, getting the budget under control, and holding Wall street accountable. Yet, we don’t here anything from them. Yet our news doesn’t cover them. Yet they don’t win.

There is a good example behind the bias of American media it it goes by the name of Ron Paul. I recommend that you go to Google Trends and see the comparison between Internet searches for Ron Paul and his mainstream news coverage. The difference is outstanding. Had the news media covered Ron Paul equally to the demand of the public, then we could very well have Paul for the Republican nominee. Now that would be someone worth our vote.

Despite that fact the Ralph Nader isn’t going to win in 2008, I am convinced that what he is doing is for the betterment of our democracy. If things are ever going to get better, then we need to open the debates and allow these third parties to have a voice. The duopoly of government is the cancer of our society. As the third parties push harder and achieve more and more votes and get on more and more ballots, they are making it easier for a third party to one day be in the White House. Then and only then, my dear Obama supporters, will we really have change.

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When you go to vote this November be sure you know who to vote for and why to vote for them. This website below is an excellent resource to research who and what you’ll be voting on. I’m a registered voter from Oregon and on my ballot there are senators and representatives on the national and on the state level, as well as judges and changes to the state constitution. With this Internet resource you can be prepared for November.

Check it out: VoteSmart.org

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The second presidential debate only had 2 of the possible 6 candidates on the stage. The other 4 candidates that were missing were Ralph Nader – the Independent candidate, Bob Barr – the Libertarian candidate, Cynthia McKinney – the Green party, and Chuck Baldwin – The Constitution party.

There are four major differences between the major parties, Democrat and Republican, and the third parties listed above:
1. Single-Payer Health Care, like Canada
2. End all war and bringing all troops home, 6 month withdraw from Iraq
3. Cutting the national debt, 50% of all taxes goes straight to war funding
4. Cut down on Corporate Crime, Wall Street needs to be held accountable.

Here are the videos of Ralph Nader’s responses to the questions asked:



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Sure was a lot of room on that floor. We could of had the other 4 candidates on there. Too bad that the Commission is owned by the two parties that we did see. If you want to hear some serious answers to these questions, as opposed to the same phrases and the same finger pointing, then you can go to Nader’s page where at 11pm tonight he’ll be answering these questions. If you want to see a real debate then you can go here to 3rd Party Ticket and sign up.

Remember it was because of the third parties that controversial issues where accepted my major parties and enacted into law, such as woman and black suffrage. These four need our support and we need them and the issues that they bring to the table.

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The national poll Gallup, which is the poll that the Commission on Presidential Debates uses to judge whether a candidate has reached the 15% goal in the national polls in order to get on the presidential debates, refuses to put Ralph Nader, Bob Barr, Cynthia McKinney, and Chuck Baldwin on their questionnaires stating “internal judgment” for the reason.  Here we have another obstacle to get anything other then the evil and the lesser evil on the debates. I suggest that everyone writes an email to Frank Newport at frank_newport@gallup.com or you can call him at  609-924-9600. Help me open the debates.

I suggest this for a template for your email:

I am writing this email in order to persuade you to include Ralph Nader and other 3rd party candidates in your polls. Your poll is vital to the American democracy because it is your poll that the Commission on Presidential Debates uses to determine whether a candidate has reached the 15% cap in the polls. If you never include the 3rd party candidates then how will the Commission ever know whether they can be on the debates? The second reason is that it is unreal. Nader and Barr are on 45 state ballots and write-ins in 4 other states where the only exception is Oklahoma where write-ins are not allowed. Mckinney and Baldwin are on 32 state ballots which is still enough to theoretically win the presidency.

I’m not aware how much power you have over Gallup polling system and whether or not you can make or influence this decision, but Mr. Newport I’m now going to address you personally. Don’t you think that a two party system is biased and undemocratic? There are over 300 Million people in our country and our voices cannot be summarized by just two parties. Look at history Mr. Newport, it was smaller parties that helped pressed the controversial issues, like woman’s and black’s suffrage, until the major parties were forced to adopt their issues. History shows that 3rd parties are an integral part of our democracy. Even the Republican Party was originally a 3rd party until it gained enough support. As of recently, 1988, 3rd parties have been ever more restricted from taking part in our government, when the control of the debates was taken from the League of Women Voters and given to the Commission on Presidential Debates, owned then by leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties. At first there was 10% cap in the polls in order to get on, I’m sure you remember Perot in 92 on the debates. Then the Commission raised the cap to 15% and when Perot met that limit in 96′, they barred him anyway.

A side note: Perot was a self-made billionaire and was able to put himself on national television, where as the candidates we have today just don’t have that kind of money. The prime networks create the Catch-22 by saying, you’re not going to be elected so why should we give you airtime. But there are many voters who will not vote for a candidate regardless of their political sentiments if they think that candidate isn’t going to win. One clear indication of this is access, the people being aware that they are running. Thus the catch is, a candidate needs a network attention to win but they won’t put them on because they’re not going to win.

Today I’m doing my part to make our democracy better by email you and reasoning with you. Please, help me open these debates. As you read above there are so many obstacles already in the way to stop the 3rd parties. Please, don’t create another one. I’m not asking you to use something objective to judge Nader and the other three instead I’m trying to change your “internal judgment” which, you said, is what you use to decide.

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